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3 wheel commercial electric scooter, a new advanced and electric way to deliver goods and services to customers

Electric scooters are an environmentally friendly and carefree way to commute around the inner-city. No parking hassles, light-weight and super user-friendly.

    1. Bange Series Electric 3 Wheeler
    2. Bange Series
      Electric 3 Wheeler
      The Bange series electric 3 wheeler is designed for logistics such as mail delivery, and is a fully electric 3 wheeler. It features all the mobility of a motorcycle, and all the configurations of a car, with the transportation capacity of a light truck.
    1. OAK Series Electric 3 Wheeler
    2. OAK Series
      Electric 3 Wheeler
      OAK series electric 3 wheeler is a kind of lightweight all-electric 3 wheeler which combined the mobility of motorcar mobility of a motorcycle and the high configuration of a car. Compared with Bange series electric 3 wheeler, it has smaller size but larger volume of 450L.

For all the planning that goes into it, last mile logistics can be a real headache for some businesses and that is why we designed our 3 wheeler scooters. These compact vehicles meet the high flexibility requirements of users to complete deliveries on-time and easily. Our scooters are lightweight and multifunctional pieces of equipment. RAP SEV has designed two series of products, Bange and OAK, which offer great mobility driven by electric motors for great energy savings. Our vehicles help express delivery services, logistics companies, and small businesses by providing greater delivery efficiency and lower energy consumption and costs.

Advantages of RAP SEV scooter three wheeler
  • Compared with fuel driven vehicles, electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly.
  • Better and safer driving experience. With 18 degree free tilting of front parts and shorter turning radius, RAP SEV scooter three wheelers effectively prevent high-speed rollover
  • We can provide customization for vehicle appearance and container type according to the needs of customers. Including layer multiple patterns inside the container, enclosed container, pickup truck, flatbed container, normal or with refrigeration function.
Custom 3 Wheelers

RAP SEV could provide different customization solution including vehicle color, logo, multiple layer structure of container, and rear parts types to meet the requirement of customers.