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Commercial electric 3-Wheeler, a new advanced and electric way to deliver goods and services to customers

A perfect balance of function and safety, large capacity with a small footprint, highly flexible yet secure storage, fast charging

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OAK Series Electric 3 Wheeler
    1. 3 Wheel Electric Cargo Scooter
    2. 3 Wheel Electric Cargo Scooter

      The OAK series 3 wheel electric cargo scooter is smaller than the Bange series, with an overall size of 670x740x1050mm and volume of 500L. It is often used for takeout delivery, grocery delivery, logistics, express and newspaper delivery, and more.

OAK Series Electric 3 Wheeler
    1. OAK II Electric 3 Wheelers
    2. OAK II Electric 3 Wheelers

      Performing even better than OAK series, OAK II electric three wheeler, with CE marking, can carry 115 kg of goods and run at a speed ranging from 0-70 km per hour. It is very suitable to drive this electric three wheeler on both fast tracks and slow lanes, hence maximizing delivery efficiency.

Custom OAK Series Electric 3 Wheeler

RAP SEV could provide different customization solution including vehicle color, logo, multiple layer structure of container, and rear parts types to meet the requirement of customers.

RAP SEV select core parts of Bange series and OAK series electric 3 wheeler with standards of professional-grade commercial vehicles. All components of the two series are from professional-grade commercial vehicles manufacturer with reliable quality to keep the performance of the electric 3 wheeler in long time driving.