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Commercial electric 3-Wheeler, a new advanced and electric way to deliver goods and services to customers

A perfect balance of function and safety, large capacity with a small footprint, highly flexible yet secure storage, fast charging

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OAK series electric 3 wheelers are a light weight, fully electric 3 wheeler that combines the mobility and configurations of a car with the flexibility of a motorcycle. Compared to the Bange series electric 3 wheeler, this series features a smaller size, but a larger volume of 450L.

Within the load capacity of 50kg, the OAK series electric 3 wheeler is great for use in food delivery with cold/hot boxes, as well as delivery of other products in a cargo container or flatbed.

We believe that OAK electric 3 wheelers are a great and unexpected choice for product delivery and urban transportation due to its small size, large volume, low energy consumption, and environmentally friendly performance.

Custom OAK Series Electric 3 Wheeler

RAP SEV could provide different customization solution including vehicle color, logo, multiple layer structure of container, and rear parts types to meet the requirement of customers.