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Online food delivery is more and more popular and getting customers their food quickly is a priority. RAP SEV electric 3 wheelers are a great way to deliver food when attached with our 204L container to carry multiple orders at the same time. Compared with other methods, our electric 3 wheelers have the following advantages.

Usually, street sweepers use brooms and shovels to clean up the accumulated garbage in the street, it is tedious and tiring. RAP SEV produces 3 wheel electric street sweepers as a cleaning tool for municipal departments since it is flexible, light, and has beautiful appearance which is good for the overall image of the city.

The three wheel electric flatbed truck is a newly designed truck, and features an open structure to ensure a larger load. Compared to the pickup truck, we removed the baffle to ensure there is no limit from the base plate. Traditionally, the three wheel electric flatbed truck holds cargo that is larger or irregularly shaped, including furniture, tables, and chairs. The truck itself is both stable and lightweight due to its Q235 carbon steel frame and aluminum alloy body.

The container on this commercial electric 3 wheeler is divided into two layers: one for cooling goods, and the other is a heat trap box with a temperature range of -2℃ to 65℃, ensuring food remains at the optimal temperature until deliver.